The peanut butter making machine designed with many advantages, has been used in many food processing places. This model machine can produce peanut butter, almonds butter, sesame butter, tomatoes paste, strawberry paste and so on. Even it can make different types juice in store, factory, foods manufacturer and so on. 

      It has a funnel-shaped materials feeding port, that design can reduce raw material splash out the feeding pot. When you want to grinding different materials, just put the them into the feeding pot, the materials will come into the rotating shafts, it can ginding the materials into paste. The final paste will outflot from the bottom discharge port. One thing you should pay more attenton to is that if your material is a little big, you would better cut these materials into small pieces. Small pieces will more easy to grinding into butter, paste. Different levels of machinery and different production capacity can be arbitrarily choosed, the range of capacity is wide, such as the 50kg per hour, 70kg per hour, 300kg per hour, 400 kg per hour, 800 kg per hour and even some more big capacity you can choose from our company.