Eating the delicious pizza cone without knives or forks, just holding in hand directly which makes people feel convenient. Multi-level taste with a wide range of nutrients, very suitable for young and old people. With the introduction of the sweet-box pizza machine, a new baking technology and a professional technical design, one can easily open a sweet-box pizza, making the sweet-cheese pizza the food for us.
Pizza cone making machine is also called cone pizza machine. This machine is mainly used for making pizza cone,  and it consist of the dough molding system, cone baking system and automatic final products fall down function.  We have introducted of advanced technology from Italy,  the machine is more sophisticated old types. This modle machine can make the pizza cone 40 pcs of each time only within 2 minutes, the effectiveness is very high. It is the necessary product for foods processing factory or restaurant. 

       The rotary ovens make pizza cone evenly heated. After baking, you can put corn, floss, cucumber, tomato, bacon, sausage and other materials into the cone, covering a thick cheese, fragrant overflow. According to the different materials of the puzzle cone size to set the suitable temperature. This pizza cone baking machine with the features of energy saving, long life which has been sold to many different countries, especially in Europe and Asia.