Instant Noodles Making Machine

  • Instant noodles making equipment
  • Instant noodles making plant
  • Instant noodles making plant supplier
  • Instant Noodles Making Machine
  • Capacity: 30000 bags/8 hours
  • Brand: Gelgoog Machinery
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Shanghai/Qingdao Port

This instant noodle making machine is mainly used for producing the instant noodles in the factory, instant noodles manufacturer, etc.


Technical Data

GG-260 Production line
30000bags/8hours 60-70g/piece
No. Name No. Parameters
1 Salt and water mixing machine 1set Power: 1.5KW
pump: 0.75
volume: 1000L
2 Salt water scaling equipment 1set Volume: 100L automatic water feeding and scaling, stainless steel
3 Flour mixing machine 1set Power: 5-6KW, 100KG/time, double speed, manual rotating opening door.
Note: If you stick 100kg/h, then one set of 100kg/h flour mixing also is ok.
Generally we suggest customer to buy 200kg/h model.
4 Disc curing machine 1set Power:2.2KW, tray size:¢1500X410
5 Composite continuous rolling machine 1set Roller width:260mm, 6groups rollers,
power: 5.5KW, Frequency control of motor speed,
stainless steel plate ∮270x1,∮216x1, ∮180x2, ∮126x2
6 Multi-layers steamed noodles machine 1set Length:10m, single layers steam inputting single, stainless steel, drived by cutting machine
7 Soaking and dewatering machine 1set Main power: 0.55KW, Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles power:  0.25KW, fan: 0.13KW two sets
8 Square noodles Cutting and folding machine 1set Power: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles
power: 0.25KW
fan: 0.13KW 2sets.
Cutting speed: 42times/min, 2rows to 4rows
9 Frying machine 1set Motor: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, pump: 5.5KW, gear pump: 2.2KW,
fan cutter: 2.2KW
40m2 spiral plate heat exchanger(1set)
Carbon steel plate,
1.5m3 oil stocking machine(one set), exhaust fan  power:1.1KW
10 Air cooling device 1set power1.5KW(offered by fryer),
exhaust fan:3KW (1set),
axial flow fan 0.25KW (4sets)
11 Variable  conveyor 1sets Motor: 0.37KW
12 Products conveyor 1set Motor: 0.37kw
12 Electric control cabinet 1set The main process adopts frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control


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