Automatic Wafer Biscuit Processing Line

  • Automatic Wafer Biscuit Processing Line
  • commecial wafer biscuit production machine
  • Capacity: 180kg/h
  • Brand: Gelgoog Machinery
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Shanghai/Qingdao Port

Used for producing wafer biscuits with different size. Kinds of molds are available, reliable performance, compact structure, Lower energy consumption, convenient maintenance and simple operation.


Technical Data

Equipment Name Dimension(mm)
Batter Mixer (GGJ) 1720*1100*1000 4.5Kw
Gas Baking Oven (GGHG-45) 9400*1700*2260 5.52Kw
Wafer sheet connecting machine (GGJP-5) 2300*700*850 0.37Kw
Vertical-type wafer sheet cooler LPL 1300*700*2300 0.18Kw
Sheet Collecting Machine (GGP4) 2000*700*760 0.18Kw
Cream spreading machine (GGC4) 3000*1200*1300 380V-2.26Kw
Vertical cooling tower (GGLF) 3130*1200*3660 1.11Kw
Cold Blower 2200*1100*1800 8.86Kw
Wafer Cutting Conveyor (GQS) 1500*700*780/1100 0.18Kw
Blade Type Cutting Machine (GGJDX4) 1620*2300*1240 0.75Kw
Horizontal type cream mixer (GGWG) 1840*850*1350 5.05Kw
Smashing machine (GGF) 670*660*1000 3Kw


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