We have a automatic pizza cone making machine, a novel style, reasonable structure, complete stainless steel production, strong and durable. Simple operation, control of the key, adjustable temperature, ensure the beautiful and complete shape of the cone. By CE and ISO: 9001-2008 international standards such as certification, quality is stable, safe and reliable, a machine can produce four cone pizza cone, and is the most ideal baked pizza pizza cone equipment, is each big restaurants use of cone pizza machine.

The cone pizza machine features:
1. the mold material is aluminum, the surface is an insulating material to prevent the sticking tube.
2. batches of cartridge mold size: 60mm*145mm*5mm can be customized
3. can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower modes according to the needs of the guests
4. can adjust the upper and lower die temperature of the cartridge mold according to the different formula
5. the automatic alarm device in the machine
automatic pizza cone making machine