The peanut roasting machine is composed of transmission device, electric heating tube, electronic control box, exhaust port and so on. This machine uses the temperature control instrument to automatically control the temperature in the oven, with high automation, small voice, no pollution and production. The amount is high. It is the ideal processing equipment for grill peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, walnuts, grain and other granular food. Also can be customized according to customer needs, welcome to inquire!
peanut roasting machine
The nut roasting machine has the characteristics of pure taste, energy saving, safety, sanitation and convenience, fast heating, less power consumption, stable performance, low running cost, long service life and simple operation and maintenance. Its baking quality is up to the food hygiene standard and international export standard.
According to the heating form, the baking machine is divided into three kinds: electric heating, coal heating and gas heating. According to the material, it is divided into two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel. The carbon steel type rotary cage and blade are stainless steel punching plates, the rest are all carbon steel materials. The stainless steel rotary cage, blade, outer panel, hopper and hopper are all high quality stainless steel. We can design different types of oven according to your needs.