Peanut butter making machine as the name implies it is mainly used for making the peanut butter, and this machie also has other application in the small butter processing factory, such as the sesame butter, soybean milk, rice milk, starch butter and even the chemical raw materials making. So its application is very large. 
     Designed with the small size, easy handling, easy operation, low noise, high efficiency, fine grinding, low temperature and low temperature materials grinding, it is an ideal tool to replace the traditional stone grinding machine. Now, this machine has sold to many different countries because of its advantages. There are different modles of the peanut butter making machine can be choosed, 50 to 80 kg per hour, 100 to 200 kg per hour, 200 to 300 kg per hour, 300 to 500 per hour, 500 to 800 kg per hour, etc. All these molde machines are suitable for the 380 voltage, and the final products mesh can achieve the 200 mesh( can be adjusted). 
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