Carrot cutting machine is a common machine in the buns shop, dumplings shop, quick-frozen dumplings processing plants, snakcs stores, canteens and hotels. It can cut the vegetable into pieces, the size of the pieces can be customized. 

       Five precautions need to attention: 
1. The turbo box should maintain with good condition of lubrication. It need replace the lubricant three times for one change, so as to avoid parts wear during working.
2. Carefully scrub machine after using. Apply the oil the cutting knife, which can keep the machine avoid to rust. 
3. Do not touch the knife shield when putting the vegatable, and don't put the wrong things into the vegetable cutting conveyor belts, because it may damage the cutting knife.  
4. In order to ensure personal safety, do ont put your hands into the tool shield.
5. Regularly check the switch, power cord, to prevent leakage.

  In a word, any machine shuold be operated safely, so as to reduce the risk of accidents.